Shivering Drafts And Mountains Of Blankets: 3 Options For Comfortable, Energy Efficient Heating This Year

28 August 2017
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Conventional heating with old force-air systems is costly and inefficient in areas with cold winters. You turn the thermostat down and cover yourself in blankets to fight of the cold to save energy. There are heating solutions that help eliminate the inconsistent temperatures, which are also energy efficient; radiant floor heating. Here are so0me of the options for energy efficient radiant heating that will allow you to shed the blankets this year:

1. Conventional Baseboard Radiant Heating Options for Renovations

If you are looking for a quick and affordable solution, baseboard heating is a great option for radiant heating. Conventionally, these systems have been a hydronic system that uses a boiler to deliver the thermal energy to the baseboard heating system, but today you also have electric options. With the installation of an electric baseboard heating system, the location of heating elements only has to be wired and the baseboard elements installed. This is a great option for renovations where you want to save time and minimize the amount of changes that are needed for installation.

2. Heat Up Cold Areas of Your Home with The Installation of Electric Heat

Do you have areas of your home that are not heated or where the HVAC system does not heat efficiently? These cold rooms can be made comfortable with the installation of electric heating. The use of electric heating can be used only where it is needed, allowing you to keep your existing heating without making changes. This is because electric heating systems do not require a boiler or source of hot water to provide thermal energy; the wiring is run and then the heating installed where it is needed.

3. In-floor Heating Options for The Most Comfortable and Efficient Heating

In-floor heating is another option to consider for your new heating system, which can be installed as a hydronic system if you already have a boiler, or you also have the option of an electric in-floor heating system. With the electric in-floor heating, you will have lower installation costs and flexibility for the type of installation. For example, electric in-floor heating can be used in bathrooms, kitchens or other areas where conventional heating systems are challenging to install. In addition, electric floor heating is energy efficient and provides a uniform heating that eliminates cold pockets of air and drafts.

With radiant heating, you have many different options for a heating system that makes your home more comfortable and reduces energy costs. Contact an electric heat installation service, such as Feldman Brothers Electrical Supply Co, and talk with them about different options to give your home efficient heating where it is needed.