Overloaded Electrical Outlets: What Can Happen & Why An Electrician Is Needed

8 December 2014
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Are you having problems with the electricity going off a lot in one of the rooms in your home? You may be overloading electrical outlets that are unable to handle the power demands of your electronics. In this article, you will find out what happens when electrical outlets are overloaded and why you should call an electrician as soon as possible. What Happens When Electrical Outlets are Overloaded? When electrical outlets are overloaded with electronics, you can experience a lot of tripping with the circuit breakers. Read More 

3 Surprising Reasons You Should Always Call An Electrician For Repairs

20 October 2014
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If you need to make electrical repairs around your house you may assume that you can handle certain small jobs, whether that's putting in new circuit breakers or installing new outlets. However, before you handle any type of electrical repairs you may want to consider the following reasons to call an electrician for the job. 1. Electricity is more dangerous than you realize It's easy to think that if you've shut off the circuit breaker to a particular area of the house then you're safe to work on the electrical wiring, but this thinking can be dangerous. Read More